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PREMIERE: Freedom or Fame – Blaklez | Video

blaklez freedom or fame feedback musiq

Blaklez dedicates new video to the memory of Taegrin Morris

“Freedom or Fame” is the new single by rapper Blaklez that tries to understand the price of fame. Its video has just been released and is dedicated to the memory of Taegrin Morris.

Known for often being quite vocal about his personal life and relationships, “Freedom of Fame” tries to tell the story from Blaklez’s point of view – the man…

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Sep 1
PREMIERE: Freedom or Fame - Blaklez | Video

NEW: “Run Jozi (Godly)” – AKA ft. K.O | Video

aka ko run jozi godly feedback musiq

AKA drops video to K.O-featured club banger

It is easily the most highly anticipated video in hip hop right now thanks to all the iconic shots that AKA has been sharing from the video shoot of him and K.O around Johannesburg. The wait is over: “Run Jozi (Godly)” video is here.

The black and white visual kicks off in a religious setting owing to the track’s subtitle, “Godly”. AKA and K.O set the…

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Aug 30
NEW: “Run Jozi (Godly)” - AKA ft. K.O | Video

PREMIERE: “Yaya” – Dj Dimplez ft Dreamteam and Anatii | Video

dj dimplez dream team anatii yaya feedback musiq

DJ Dimplez releases highly anticipated new video 

Following a premier launch at Taboo in Johannesburg, DJ Dimplez’s highly anticipated new video for “Yaya” has finally hit the web. And it’s bigger than you expected.

The DreamTeam and Anatii featured single’s video is more than a video – it’s a shortfilm. The over two and a half minutes of expositioning at the start of the visual are testament to…

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Aug 30
PREMIERE: “Yaya” - Dj Dimplez ft Dreamteam and Anatii | Video
Nicole Scherzinger to Perform Live in South Africa

Pussycat Dolls leader, Nicole Scherzinger, is coming to South Africa Sultry siren Nicole Scherzinger is set to perform live at the inaugural…
Aug 30

Nicole Scherzinger to Perform Live in South Africa

Pussycat Dolls leader, Nicole Scherzinger, is coming to South Africa Sultry siren Nicole Scherzinger is set to perform live at the inaugural…

PREMIERE: “Tsibip” – Cassper Nyovest Introduces Alter Ego with 2 Videos

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Cassper Nyovest switches up the game with two new videos for new single

In an unprecedented move, much like his secret releasing of his album on iTunes during Women’s day, Cassper Nyovest has released two – yes, count them – videos for his new single, “Tsibip”.

To answer your first question, “Tsibip” receives two videos because Cassper Nyovest has repeatedly proved that he doesn’t do things by…

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Aug 29
PREMIERE: “Tsibip” - Cassper Nyovest Introduces Alter Ego with 2 Videos
Happy Birthday @mixo_mm ❤️
Aug 29

Happy Birthday @mixo_mm ❤️


When I woke up this morning, one of the first things I did was text Mixo (who if you claim to know me you should know is the one true love of my life).

I told her that I’d be dedicating today to her. She might’ve thought that that meant I’d change my WhatsApp profile picture to her beautiful face (which incidentally is the same face in the picture above only about 8 or 9 years ago). She didn’t get that. Perhaps she thought I would periodically tweet 20 tweets through the day to express my love for her. I considered this. She didn’t get that. Or maybe she hoped I’d get her a VIP entry to the Beatenberg launch next week. I considered this. She did get that actually. But not even this was my biggest expression of my love for this human being.

Taking from my un-executed Twitter consideration, I now list - in no order that’s meant to be taken too seriously really - why she’s worth every blessing that’s come her way since 29 August 1994.

1. I love her. I’m actually properly in love with her. We’re married, didn’t you know? Facebook never lies (sometimes). So cross-check and confirm there.

2. She knows music is my life and so she introduces me to dope shit like The Internet and The Jet Age of Tomorrow. She’s the truth.

3. She has grown into a Tweleb/Twitter Kool Kid/Twipster/Twitter-what-what-who’s-who of sorts. And she’s still down for me. And everyone else, ja, but I’m writing this so.

4. She was a proud Tsonga girl when I met her and now she has grown into a beautiful, beaming Tsonga woman. Gotdamn, gotdamn, gotdayum!

5. She endured all those terrible songs I wrote for her when we were in high school. And even THAT date. Mmhmm. I said it. LMAO. She knows. I needn’t elaborate.

6. When I turned 21 earlier this year, she made missions and came through. With Mondli even. Guys. But are you feeling the love nje? Should be by now. I mean.

7. Every time I see her she makes me smile. ‘Nuff said.

8. Every time I see her, her swag is on point. Gotdamn!

9. She puts me in order even when I don’t wanna hear it some times. Ey. You know these Tsonga women.

10. She’s able to laugh with me about the fact that her mother stays side-eyeing me every time I visit here in Nelspruit. LMAOOOOOOO.

11. She trusts me with her boyfriend issues. If only these boys knew shem. I can make things really difficult for them. But I choose to see Mixo happy. :-)

12. I can count on her for any damn thing under the damn sun. Seriously. The girl comes through yo! Even when I ask her to do things that aren’t her forte - like write an album review. Lol

13. I can trust her with anything. This point has a branch-off point which we’ll revisit in point 20. I mean. The things she knows about this industry and things I’ve done with people of this industry. Hahahaha. Well, well, well.

14. I told her one of my biggest secrets and she made it okay. And I know you’re reading this now so just so you know this is not about point 20 but rather about a nightmare I had once. Which leads me to the next point…

15. She gave me the best advice about how to deal with it and she always gives the best damn advice.

16. She keeps my secrets.

17. She always remembers to tell me she loves me. And I never told her this but I love that she calls me ‘boo’. :-)

18. She’s at UWC, I’m at UCT but missions are still made to see each other. And when I do see her, it feels as though we’d last seen each other a minute before.

19. She’s still the same, “village girl bougie,” God-fearing boo I met five years ago.

20. And then it hit me today. She’s literally the only person (okay minus my brother but that was coaxed out of me) that I ever came out to. Everyone else just sort figured it out by who I gravitated to on dingy dancefloors in Cape Town or by who I dated.

This is cheesy but “I don’t know why you love me / And that’s why I love you.”

I love you Mixo. Happy Birthday. I pray that God blesses you with his very best. Stay beautiful, strong, intelligent, innovative, sexy, stylish, confident, beaming, bright, fresh, fierce, fun, and exciting Tsonga woman.

I love you always and always.

Aug 29
20 Reasons To Love Mixo

Watch: Sipho The Gift Teases “Somewhere”

sipho the gift

Sipho The Gift teases first single off of debut LP

We first discovered Sipho The Gift when he dropped his “Poundcake Freestyle” earlier this month. Now he’s ready with his debut single…almost.

“Somewhere” is the first single off of Sipho’s forthcoming debut LP, Coming of Age.A 2-minute version of the song has surfaced onto YouTube with a full version “yet to be released,” according to the…

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Aug 29
Watch: Sipho The Gift Teases “Somewhere”

Bongi Mvuyana – “Dopamine” |Album Review

bongi mvuyana dopamine feedback musiq

Dopamine (definition): a monoamine neurotransmitter that acts within certain brain cells to help regulate movement and emotion

In simple terms, dopamine is a chemical that is released into the brain and causes euphoria.

In the context of alternative soul artist, Bongi Mvuyana’s debut album Dopamine is all about love. Finding it, losing it, yearning for it and being enthralled in it.

I had my…

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Aug 29
Bongi Mvuyana - “Dopamine” |Album Review

Listen: Mokha Melkai Samples AKA’s “Run Jozi (Godly)”

mokha melkai run jozi godly feedback musiq

Ahead of the highly anticipated video, Mokha Melkai releases AKA sample

The imminent release of the AKA and K.O video for their collaboration on “Run Jozi (Godly)” has been a mainstay in local hip hop discourse of late. As we anticipate it’s release, another young rapper, Mokha Melkai, has come out with his version of the track.

Melkai’s “Run Jozi (Godly)” sample appeared in teaser format on…

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Aug 29
Listen: Mokha Melkai Samples AKA’s “Run Jozi (Godly)”